Why Roar Consulting Inc:

After dedicating the last 9 years of my career to resurrecting a struggling small business, and developing the careers of several hundred sales & leadership professionals I was inspired to start Roar Consulting in January 2018. What I discovered is the business became my vehicle to speak in front of groups, make lasting impacts on the lives and careers of other people, and to mentor aspiring leaders. It was when I was doing these things that I felt most fulfilled. Making money is necessary to support my family, and accolades like Franchisee of the Year in 2017 are fantastic. However it is the calls and messages I received over the years thanking me for the positive influence I have had on another persons career or business that has kept me pushing when the going gets tough. Because I started my career as an entry level sales person working in positions from door to door sales, advertising, community organizing, and retail sales one of my biggest strengths is the ability to relate with the obstacles sales people are presented. The same can be said for the many challenges, and mistakes that are made when elevated into a position of leadership. I have an intimate understanding of what a sales individual, new leader, or small business owner must endure on a daily basis in order to survive. In my career I have developed a strong history of thriving through the conditions, and coaching others to do the same.

What Is Roar Consulting Inc about:

Roar Consulting is excited to bring value to businesses and individuals alike through one on one coaching sessions, corporate trainings, and motivational speaking engagements. We also have a major focus to enter more intimate relationships with small business owners that:

1) Started a business with a dream & passion only to realize they need help with sales and/or developing leaders in order to realize the dream.

2) Small business owners that have growing businesses where they have always wore all the hats from sales to admin, and are realizing there best value vs time is running their business.

3) Businesses have a negative culture issue amongst their team, and need help cutting out the cancer to begin to Thrive again.

4) Businesses that are struggling finding those sales superstars, and need help with the recruitment/hiring process as well as onboard training.

Because we believe that every situation is different, and not everyone may be a fit for our programs. The first step in our process is a no obligation consultation. From there we will go through a discovery process to get a clear understanding of The Why, The Vision, &, The Obstacles before we move forward with The Game Plan.